History of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Library
  Christian Year (Era)   Event (KPUM and its library) Relevant matters
<Meiji Era>

1872(Meiji 5)   November:  Hospital (Ryobyo-in) opened tentatively on the premises of the Shoren'in temple located in Awataguchi Village, Higashiyama, Kyoto. Opening ceremony was held on the 1st day of the month.
November: Hospital journal (Ryobyo-in Shinbun) was launched by Daikokuya.

  1875(Meiji 8)   April: The construction work of Ryobyo-in and Medical School started at the present location.   
  1880(Meiji 13)   July: The main building of Ryobyo-in was completed to move to the present location.  
  1890(Meiji 23)   November: Medical School's library was established on the premises of Ryobyo-in.  
  1905(Meiji 38)   July: A construction work was completed for a two-storied building that houses a library, a students' lounge, and a students' canteen.    
  1909(Meiji 42)     (April: Kyoto Prefectural Library opened at the present location of Okazaki)
<Taisho Era>

1921(Taisho 10)    October: The establishment of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine (hereinafter called KPUM) was approved.
 November:  Ceremonies held commemorating the 50th anniversary year and celebrating the status raised from a college to a university.
  1926(Taisho 15)   April: Kyoto Medical Library owned by Gakuyukai was transferred to KPUM to become KPUM Central Library, which was opened at the second floor of the main building with the Central Library regulations established.  
<Showa Era>

1929(Showa  4)   May: The construction of KPUM Central Library was completed.  

  1936(Showa 11)   June: The construction of a two-storied wooden building accommodating a library on the second floor and a canteen on the first floor was completed on the premises of premedical course (current Hanazono Campus).
  1953(Showa 28)   April: The title of Library Chief was changed to Library Director  
  1954(Showa 29)   July: The name of KPUM Central Library was changed to KPUM Library  
  1955(Showa 30)     August: The 80 years' history of KPUM was published
  1972(Showa 47)   January: Regulations of KPUM Library Operating Council were established, and the first operating council was held.
July: Hanazono school buildings were completed at the current Hanazono campus.
  1974(Showa 49)   November: Completion ceremony of Memorial Hall was held to commemorate KPUM's 100th Anniversary Year. With surplus money of the ceremony, holdings of KPUM's students and those for liberal arts at Hanazono branch were upgraded.
August: The 100 years' history of KPUM was published.
  1983(Showa 58)   January: On-line document search started, utilizing databases DIALOG and JOIS.   
  1984(Showa 59)   September: As part of 110th anniversary year project, maintenance of an audio-visual room, computerisation of checking in and checking out library materials, and expansion of the library holdings were implemented.   
  1986(Showa 61)   April: A plan was formulated to construct school buildings for Fundamental Medicine at KPUM campus, as well as KPUM Library, Joint Lecture Hall, and School of Nursing KPUM, etc. at Hirokoji campus. March: KPUM's Medical Convention was disolved for a better organisaton, and started as Kyoto Foundation For the Promotion of Medical Science
<Heisei Era> 1990(Heisei   2)   December: The groundbreaking ceremony for KPUM Library and Joint Lecture Hall was held.  
  1992(Heisei   4)    May: The construction of KPUM Library and Joint Lecture Hall was completed.
 May 8:
The new annex was opened. (Library's integrated computor sytem started simultaneously)
KPUM Library was completed. The Univ. celebrated its 120th anniversary. 

  1993(Heisei   5)   April: With the establishment of College of Medical Technology KPUM, the library of former School of Nursing KPUM was transferred to KPUM Library for integration.  
  1994(Heisei   6)   December: The internet exclusive line was connected to Kyoto University Information Center.  
  1996(Heisei   8)    April: Kyoto Prefectural School of Public Health Nursing was integrated with Division of Nursing, College of Medical Technology KPUM. The holdings of the former were transferred to KPUM Library.
 April: The name of Premed Library was changed to Hanazono Library.
  1997(Heisei   9)    April: The Medline's network service started in KPUM's campus-wide LAN.
 November: The Univ. celebrated its
135th anniversary. 
June: The provision of the free Database "PubMed" started (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
  1999(Heisei  11)    April: KPUM Library's Medical Information Network Service aiming at related hospitals was launched by Kyoto Foundation For the Promotion of Medical Science as the operating and business body
"Catalogue of ancient medical books in KPUM Library" was published.
October: General lectures on
"How to use library" were given and user training was started.
April: KPUM's 125th anniversary journal was published.
  2000(Heisei 12)    June: KPUM Library's website opened.  
  2001(Heisei 13)     (May: The new Kyoto Prefecutural Library opened.)
  2002(Heisei 14)    April: KPUM Library introduced a new entry and departure monitoring system.
 April: School of Nursing  established in Medical Department 
(October: Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library opened)
  2003(Heisei 15)   October: Connected with Kyoto Digital Canal Network (Wireless LAN was abolished)  
  2004(Heisei 16)    August: Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was concluded with "Medical Library", and "School of Health Science Library, Faculty of Medicine", Kyoto University.
KPUM Library's web services started.
Delivery of "KPUM Library Email News" started.
  2007(Heisei 19)  
November: The Univ. celebrated its 135th anniversary. 
October: KPUM's 135th anniversary journal was published., 
  2008(Heisei 20)   April: Kyoto Prefectural Public University Corporation established  

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