Check-out period of books extended during summer vacation

KPUM Library will extend the check-out period for books during summer vacation.

Please use this library taking this opportunity.

User who can have the extension:  KPUM staff and students

Material that can be extended:  books
           (Journals, videos, and CD-ROMs etc. are checked out as usual)

Check-out Period:

Check-out date
Check-out period
July 17 (Fri) - August 10 (Mon)
1 month (31 days)
August 11 (Tue) - August 26 (Wed)
until September 10 (Thu)
August 27 and onwards
as usual (2 weeks)

Please ask for details at the Library counter.

At Hanazono Library, the check-out period of books from July 1 (Wed) to September 10 (Thu) will be extended until September 24 (Thu). Please use this library also.