Lab Album
December 12, 2011
Aoi-san completed to write Master thesis finally. Congratulation, and enjoy the party !
October, 2011
The first baby of Gecko was born in our lab. Welcome to this world !
September 24, 2011
Aoi-san presented her recent hot data in the society of Japanese tissue-cell research. Congratulation for the first poster presentation !
August, 2011
Two young students from Okayama University, Yuto and Hiroki, joined to our lab for short-term research projects. Enjoy science and Kyoto life !
July, 2011
Dr. Nomura and students went to Kamogawa River to learn Evolution. We collected a lot of insects and checked thier name and habitants. Some students were getting crazy on fish hunting....
July, 2011
For the teaching course of biology, we went to the monkey park in Arashi-yama with students and learned animal ethology. Do not make fun of monkey, they are more clever than you !
May, 2011
Current our lab members in front of our research targets.
Notice ! this is not our lunch time shot....
March, 2011
We cerebrate Dr. Kageyama's retirement. We appreciate for his wonderful efforts of teaching over 30 years.