Our Selected Publications
Neuronal migration & circuit formation
Ono K, Clavairoly A, Nomura T, Gotoh H, Uno A, Armant O, Takebayashi H, Zhang Q, Shimamura K, Itohara S, Parras CM, Ikenaka K. (2014)  Development of the prethalamus is crucial for thalamocortical projection formation and is regulated by Olig2. Development, in press.
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Neuronal and Glial differentiation
 Gotoh H, Ono K, Nomura T, Takebayashi H, Harada H, Nakamura H, Ikenaka K. (2012) Nkx2.2+ Progenitors Generate Somatic Motoneurons in the Chick Spinal Cord. PLos One, 7(12): e51581.
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Gotoh H, Ueda T, Uno A, Ohuchi H, Ikenaka K, Ono K. Expression of myelin genes in the developing chick retina.
Gene Exp Patterns
11(8) 471-475 (2011)
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Dev. Biol 320(2):456-468 (2008
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Adult neural stem cells
Nomura T, Göritz C, Catchpole T, Henkemeyer M, Frisén J. EphB signaling controls lineage plasticity of adult neural stem cell niche cells.
Cell Stem Cell 7(6) 730-43 (2010)
Evo-Devo of the cerebral cortex

Nomura T, Gotoh H, Ono K. (2013) Changes in the regulation of cortical neurogenesis contribute to encephalization during amniote brain evolution. Nature Communications, 4, 2206

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